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5 Steps to Dominate Your Niche on Google Precisely

Dominating your chosen niche on Google can be a quite effective SEO strategy. Ranking perfect for keywords related to a particular niche helps push higher quality visitor to your website and distinguishes your brand.

Understand precise five steps to dominate your niche on Google.

Step 1: Determine Your Niche

If you haven’t previously, the initial step to dominating your niche on Google is learning what it is. The additional particular your niche is, the greater.

Your company may offer various products or services, but what is the one goods or service your business is identified for, or you would love to be seen for? That is the selected niche that you should prefer to dominate on Google.

Depending on above your competition and resources, it can be difficult and sometimes impossible to dominate for various niches on Google. Therefore, it habitually makes sense to concentrate on one niche.

Let’s take, such as a law firm that practices in personal injury law, however, also does criminal and family law. Ideally, this law firm would like to dominate Google for all third practice areas. Although, unless they’re prepared to invest the required resources into producing three separate websites and maintaining third different SEO campaigns, that would be tough to reach. Because the firm in this example has bound resources, they would become a much greater chance of progress by focusing optimization efforts on personal injury law, considering that is their specialty.

Why? Google wants to give users with knowledge that is extremely relevant to their obligations.

If someone is seeking for a personal injury lawyer, that is surely what they want to find. A user will not respond positively if their search for personal injury lawyers gives the accurate result for criminal and family lawyers who also practice personal injury law since those issues are not as related to the user’s paramount needs.

Step 2: Optimize with Niche Particular Keywords

Once you’ve chosen on a niche to dominate, you must pick the right keywords.

Discovering the right keywords to optimize for is essential. It needs knowing your target readers, and the keywords they use meanwhile searching for your goods or service. It additionally requires being precise. You can’t dominate a niche by going following generic keywords.

Optimizing for keywords particular to your niche has various benefits. Those keywords will be small competitive, and hence easier to rank properly, and certain keywords will deliver traffic to your website which is higher likely to convert.

Moving back to the previous example, the person who explores the keyword phrase, “lawyer + place” is far short likely to turn than the individual who searches the keyword phrase, “personal injury lawyer motorcycle accident + place.” The last search inquiry is characteristic of someone who understands what they’re looking for. While that person discovers a personal injury lawyer who practices in motorcycle accident cases in their location, such lawyer will have a high chance of turning them into a new customer.

Step 3: Implement Google Authorship

Execute Google Authorship will approve your face and name to seem next to your website in the search outcomes. That not only enables users to associate a face with your plan but also helps your personal brand by allowing you to develop as an authority inside your niche. This is particularly convincing for medical professionals, lawyers, and advisers, where your name was firmly tied to your organization’s brand.

In addition to assisting build trust and reliability with your target audience, Google Authorship may impact rankings now, and in the eventuality, however, this is extremely debated. What we do understand is that Google Authorship can have a strong result on click-through rates (CTR), because Authorship increases a site’s visibility within the search results. Only make sure to practice a professional photo which will be well accepted by your target audience.

Step 4: Write Comprehensive, Authoritative Content frequently

The next step is to write comprehensive, authoritative content regularly, on the matter that is appropriate to your niche. Writing accurate, authentic content serves triple purposes. It:

  • Shows that you’re a specialist and a knowledge leader in your niche.
  • Seem like a resource for the potential client, and gives them a motivation to come back to your site.
  • Gives Google with higher quality content to index, which can have a positive impression on rankings.

Nevertheless, while writing this content, be sure to write that for your target audience, and not for Google. You can still organize keywords within the content, though just make sure it seems natural and understands well.

Step 5: Utilize Google+ to Promote Your Content

Google+ profiles and posts are incorporated into Google’s index, which gives possible clients with a supplementary avenue to obtain your content. You’re previously partially beyond because you had to create a Google+ profile to achieve Google Authorship in step 3. Though, only setting up a profile is just not sufficient. You need to post related content consistently (which you’re previously doing in step 4), as well as develop an audience and involve them.

While we know that +1’s don’t directly affect rankings, we do know that Google+ does influence search results for signed-in Google+ users. So, by creating your Google+ network, and involving your audience with appropriate content that boosts +1’s, you can modify theirs search outcomes.

Additionally, to a Google+ profile, you can further build a Google+ Business Page, what enables you to give content and involve with your target audience as your brand, preferably than being yourself. Either creating a Google Plus Profile, Business Page, or both makes sense for you depends on your business, and whether you have the resources available to manage both successfully.


It needs a lot of time and effort to effect these five steps favorably, although if you do, you will be great on the approach to dominating your niche on Google.


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